Zonar, Seattle, Wash., announced ZForms, a forms-based messaging application that enables fleets to replace paper forms, share route dispatch assignments, gain efficiency and improve communication between dispatchers and drivers.

ZForms comes equipped with access to a library of commonly used message templates and forms designed to meet the needs of customers across a variety of industries, including pupil transportation, commercial trucking, transit, retail and construction. Pre-populated report templates include route assignments, load assignments, delivery receipts, time sheets, trip reports and work orders.

Additional key features include:

·         Electronic signature capture and recording.

·         Saved message responses to assist with tracking compliance and performance.

·         Message import and export ability to assist with managing driver replies.

·         Driver notification alerts when new messages are received.

·         Text-to-speech with message autoplay for minimal driver distraction.

·         Easy-to-navigate message folders, including inbox, sent, draft, archive and deleted items.

·         Flexible message display formats.

·         Auto-populated message fields to display asset numbers, odometer, date, time and more.

·         Shared addresses hyperlinked to navigation systems.

·         24/7/365 technical support.