JLT Mobile Computers,a Tempe, Ariz.-based developer and manufacturer of computers for demanding environments, entered into a partnership with LTS Scale Co., Twinsburg, Ohio, where LTS Scale will sell the JLT1214P rugged forklift computer as part of its in-motion, legal-for-trade weight scale solution for transportation customers primarily within the less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping segment. 

By using the weighing systems from LTS with the JLT computers, carriers can streamline cross-docking operations while being able to verify and capture additional revenues on cargo shipments that are heavier or bulkier than stated.

“A common problem for companies within the logistics segment is to receive shipments that are exceeding given measurements and weight entries, thereby being directly associated with increased costs on the carriers,” says Eric Miller, chief executive officer of JLT Mobile Computers. “Based on the JLT1214P computer, LTS offers a solution for customers to easily verify weight information, and thereby increase revenues for our customers by identifying when to take additional charges.”

“The JLT1214P is an outstanding ruggedized computer that is well adapted to the challenging mobile operating environment in LTL trucking facilities,” adds John Mueller, chief executive officer of LTS. “As part of a weighing system with our scale base and metrology electronics, the JLT1214P can process weights, dimensions, PRO numbers and other operating data used in advanced cross-docking systems. Our strategy is to provide choices in our scale systems, and the JLT computer represents a top-of-the-line option for our most demanding customers.”