Germany-based KHS GmbH expanded its packaging machine plant in Kleve, Germany. The 26,909-square-foot facility manufactures filling and packaging systems for food and beverage processors.

"The new shop impressively proves how high the demand is for our products from Kleve," says professor Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, chairman of the KHS executive management board. "We're very pleased with the continuing growth of this production site throughout the entire KHS Group."

Previously, the plant maintained 13 staging areas for final assembly and system testing.

"When running at peak capacity, we always had to rent out shop space in the neighborhood, and in the last two years, we even had this extra space permanently booked," adds Norbert Pastoors, head of the packaging product division. "The new shop not only saves us a lot of time but also money – to the tune of about €200,000 a year."

To date, the new assembly shop will permanently provide additional final assembly and testing bays for Kleve’s products, giving the factory a total of 20 final assembly workstations.

Production will start in August.