TAB Industries, Reading, Pa., unveiled what is said to be the largest TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch wrapping machine.

The TAB Wrapper Tornado features a wrapping ring that spans 115 inches in diameter to wrap palletized loads as large as 8 feet tall by 50 inches wide. This line of orbital wrappers secures a palletized load to its pallet as a single unit by wrapping the plastic film 360 degrees under and around the entire load for improved protection, safety and stability during storage and transport.

The 115-inch model, as seen here, was developed to unitize insulated foam refrigeration panels that approach 8 feet in height when stacked and palletized for shipping. Eliminating the need for large crates, banding and other containers and fasteners, the TAB Wrapper Tornado encases the panels and the pallet in protective, plastic film while the load is raised on a forklift and/or when set on a gravity roller conveyor to minimize handling, staging and movement during packaging and warehousing.

TAB Industries, LLC