Muller, Glenview, Ill., introduced the Octopus automatic rotary ring stretch wrapping machine, designed to wrap 60-120 loads per hour.

Ideal for dairy plants, the Octopus ring wrapper can withstand cold environment and moisture from product splashing without interruption.

The Octopus line comes with the Flexi-Rope, a patented device that can be retrofitted to existing equipment. It works by roping the film from both sides of the web as it wraps, creating pallet breathability while simultaneously securing loads.

The Octopus “S” Series also features a load stabilizer, new load lift conveyer and the No Touch No Tail (NT²) seaming device, an alternative to heat seal pads or wipedown systems. The Octopus ‘S’ Series comes equipped with the new patented Easy S Film Carriage, which enables simple film loading, maximizes pre-stretch performance and minimizes wear. 

Muller Load Containment Solutions