International Paper, Memphis, Tenn., achieved significant results from 20 years of innovation and sustainability with ClimaShield recyclable, water-resistant packaging.

By producing more than 2 billion ClimaShield boxes, International Paper has significantly reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, energy consumption and landfill waste.

ClimaShield has provided the following environmental benefits:

·         Offset 1.7 billion pounds of landfill waste equivalent to the annual waste of 1 million households.

·         Avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to230,000 passenger cars driven for one year (122 million gallons of gasoline).

·         Lowered energy usage equivalent tothe annual consumption of nearly 100,000 homes.


ClimaShield packaging works with all existing processes and packaging systems.

The proprietary coating technology allows for easy recycling via the existing old corrugated container recovery system, making it what is said to be most recycled type of packaging in the United States, compared to plastic containers.

International Paper