Western Growers unveiled its new Irvine, Calif., headquarters.

“With our board members in town, this was an opportunity to showcase our new, state-of-the-art offices and officially announce our new location,” says Tom Nassif, president and CEO. “As our members face an ever-more challenging business climate, Western Growers has created new services and products to help them remain competitive and grow, and that has allowed us to grow beyond the headquarters and other offices we occupied since 1980.”    

Prior to the relocation, most employees of Western Growers’ 12 companies and business divisions were spread amongst four different locations in Irvine.

“Consolidation to an 80,000-square-foot standalone 3-story building allows us to bring all our Orange County-based employees under one roof and still gives us the opportunity to expand,” Nassif says. “We have been able to capture our rich heritage and seamlessly blend it into a technologically-enhanced, contemporary facility that symbolizes the advancement of our organization and industry into an era of innovation and adaptability.”