Servus Intralogistics, Austria, delivered an innovative material handling solution in which all processes run seamlessly from incoming goods to small parts storage, picking, production, assembly, office and eventually to the shipping area.

At the heart of the Servus system is the ARC3 (autonomous robotic carrier generation 3), an intelligent and autonomous transport robot that can transport any item up to 110 pounds. As an independently-acting swarm robot, the ARC3 delivers loads to any required destination on the track by the shortest path possible.

The system can be configured to any unique situation, allowing for the transportation of everything from simple cartons and boxes to custom parts. Equipped with modern technologies such as anti-blocking system), traction control system and energy management with energy recovery system, the ARC3 allows for independent loading and unloading at any side of the track.

Additional features include:

·         Minimized gaps between storage locations.

·         Applicable in low ceiling buildings.

·         Offers just-in-time delivery.

·         Runs under the ceiling.

·         Perform 2 or 20,000 drives per hour; one single system, no re-buildings required.

·         Seasonal changes automatically adjusted.

·         Battery regenerates during operation.

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