Appeeling Fruit, Inc., Dauberville, Pa., celebrated 25 years of fresh fruit processing with the introduction of new Organic Sliced Apple packs in a stand-up pouch bag.

This new pack allows retailers and consumers a convenient package that stands up for a vertical presentation on the store shelf.  

The packs come in Organic Apples, Honeycrisp Apples and Pears in six 2-ounce bags.

“We are looking forward to celebrating Appeeling Fruit’s 25th anniversary with the many people who have contributed to our success– particularly our customers and vendors,” says Steve Cygan, owner, president and CEO. “We are grateful for their continued support, look to build upon our partnerships and plan to create new connections, so that we may continue to be a thriving business 25 years from now.”

Appeeling Fruit also upgraded its production equipment throughout the facility to increase efficiency and enhance the overall quality of product.