Deacom, Inc., Chesterbrook, Pa., enhanced its flagship single-system enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for contract manufacturing.  

Within this structure, changes to customer projections can be better managed in real-time with DEACOM’s production capacity report, which brings together data from customer forecasts, product routings and production line properties to provide an overview of where and when there is open capacity by production line. This comprehensive insight enables contract manufacturers to make intelligent decisions on sales strategies based on production capacity and production line expansion plans.

Once a forecasted order is finalized by the customer and open capacity is determined, the necessary production job can be scheduled through DEACOM’s master production calendar, which allows contract manufacturers to optimize the schedule based on changeover requirements, raw material inventory availability and the customer’s expected delivery date. The flexibility within the ERP software allows schedules to be rearranged and re-optimized as needed.

DEACOM’s MRP capabilities support the purchasing requirements for contract manufacturers to manage a tight inventory purchasing and production schedule. Purchasing decisions can be influenced by information from the forecasts for long lead time items, as well as the production schedule for short lead time items. As shifts to customer forecasts and orders occur, MRP highlights purchase orders that need to be cancelled or have due-to-dock date adjusted. These capabilities help contract manufacturers maintain just-in-time inventory while reducing inventory carrying costs and waste.

Deacom, Inc.