Dynamic Systems Inc., Redmond, Wash., and Northlake Partners, also of Redmond, Wash., announced a joint venture integrating their applications to provide a fully automated ERP solution for fresh food processors.

The solution is designed to collect real-time production traceability and shipping information to ultimately increase productivity, lower costs and improve revenues.

The SIMBA system from Dynamic Systems resides on the production floor and automates data collection as the food is processed and packed.  The solution uses fast, accurate barcode technology to record details such as product attributes, pack dates, inventory locations and shipping details. 

“We are excited about our relationship with Northlake Partners,” says Alison Falco, president of Dynamic Systems. “Our customers have been asking for an ERP solution designed for the fresh food industry that has the flexibility of SIMBA.”

Meanwhile, Northlake Partners’ NorthScope is a comprehensive ERP system designed for sales, inventory, logistics, accounting and management reporting food manufacturing, processing and distribution companies.

“Integrating with SIMBA from Dynamic Systems will enhance our ability to provide real-time visibility to every inventory event. This will allow easier lot tracing and the ability to react quickly in the volatile fresh food market,” says Tom Williams, managing partner of Northlake Partners.