PeopleNet, a Minnetonka, Minn.-based division of Trimble Co., integrated left- and right-view cameras to its video intelligence system, providing fleets with additional liability protection and prevention capabilities.

These left- and right-view cameras are said to be the first in the industry built into a truck’s spot mirror and not mounted to existing mirror brackets, providing a 360-degree view around the truck and trailer. The position of these cameras offers better views of blind spots for drivers, a larger area of vision to capture video and more product durability.

PeopleNet’s video intelligence solution triggers video from company-controlled settings from a truck’s onboard event recorder, augmenting traditional driver and truck analytics.

An in-cab digital video recorder (DVR) wirelessly transmits videos from the three cameras to the PeopleNet fleet manager, a secure online control system for communications and carrier fleet management functions.

The video intelligence solution integrates with the safety analytics dashboard to monitor driver behavior, posted speeding events and hours of service violations. The dashboard also captures compliance, safety and accountability points and violations data provided by Vigillo, LLC, Portland, Ore.