Metcalfe’s Market, Madison, Wis., partnered with Stop Waste Together, a non-profit initiative sponsored by Pinpoint Software, Madison, Wis., to prevent food waste created by expired products from grocery shelves.

Through this partnership, Metcalfe’s aims to reduce the $165 billion worth of food wasted annually in the United States. The initiative gives customers the opportunity to save on groceries by purchasing specially-marked, soon-to-expire items throughout the store. The discounts range from 20-30% off.

“Our goal is to work toward zero waste while providing the highest product integrity and shopping experience to our customers. This program will play an important role in our ongoing sustainability efforts,” says Kevin Metcalfe, co-owner at Metcalfe’s Markets.

With the Stop Waste Together initiative, Metcalfe’s uses Pinpoint’s expiration date management program, Date Check Pro, to track and find items nearing expiration.

“Just knowing products are going to expire is only half the battle. We are excited to have found a way to help prevent these products from becoming waste while rewarding customers with savings by participating in the effort,” says Andrew Hoeft, chief executive officer of Pinpoint Software.