Greenbelt Microgreens, Canada, received up to $640,585 in funding to modernize a new 3.5-acre greenhouse facility with state-of-the-art technology, enabling producers to increase production for Canadian-certified organic microgreens.

The new full spectrum greenhouse will feature an Acrylite roofing material (new to North America) to improve light penetration and increase the health and quality of plants, a soil and fertilizing line specifically designed for microgreens and a multiple-variety seeding machine for microgreens.

Greenbelt Microgreens grows, harvests and distributes certified-organic microgreens, which are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested within 14 days of their germination stage.

"Local food is key to the Canadian economy. With the opening of our new 3.5-acre Woodhill Greenhouse facility, we are poised to supply a large part of this market with the most nutrient-dense food. Our facility has been upgraded with the latest innovations in UV light transmitting roofing combined with automated soil and seeding equipment. Innovations, such as these, are allowing our company to produce the highest quality organic lettuce and microgreens right here in Ontario, year-round,” says Ian Adamson, president. “This is a major boost for the local food economy; we commit to employing local people, and as an organic farm, we are committed to the environment. Eighty percent of the organic produce in Canada is imported, and greenhouses are our solution. We are very pleased to have the federal governments Agri Innovation program help in funding these innovations."