Performance Food Group Co.(PFG), Richmond, Va., completed the acquisition of Bar Harbor Seafood, a regional seafood distributor in Orlando, Fla. 

Jeff Hazell, founder and owner of Bar Harbor Seafood, was named president of the new company, which will be called Bar Harbor Seafood, a Performance Food Group Specialty Co. 

“Bar Harbor Seafood is a highly regarded organization dedicated to delivering a full range of live, fresh and frozen seafood items with a reputation for high-quality products and great service,” says Jim Hope, executive vice president of operations for PFG. “This acquisition will enable our Performance Foodservice division to expand its seafood offerings and strengthen its focus on independent street business and specialty customers in the Florida market.”

Bar Harbor Seafood was founded in 1986 when Hazell began selling live lobsters to local restaurants out of his Central Florida garage. The company now operates a 41,000-square foot facility and employs approximately 150 associates.

“We’re excited to become part of the PFG family and gain new opportunities for growth,” says Hazell. “This certainly will open doors to a new customer base for us, and it truly represents a win-win for both PFG and Bar Harbor Seafood.”