The ACCU-CHILL automated box chilling system from Linde LLC, Bridgewater, N.J., can quickly chill meat, poultry, seafood and other perishable foods directly in their packing boxes with carbon dioxide (CO2) snow. The automated system is the ideal upgrade for operations that manually pack boxes with CO2 dry ice pellets, where over- or under-filling creates temperature inconsistencies.

Designed and built to meet USDA requirements, the instant, on-demand system chills with high process repeatability from box to box. As each packing box is conveyed into the enclosed chilling zone, a sensor is activated and a precise amount of CO2 snow is automatically dispensed on or around the product.

The chilling zone is also designed with an exhaust hood to prevent elevated concentrations of CO2 in the workplace. The new chilling system handles boxes up to about 24 inches wide, and can fit most automated packing lines.

Linde, LLC