BelGioioso Cheese, Inc., Green Bay, Wis., introduced new individual-sized, portion-controlled cheese snacks.

“Following on the heels of our enormously popular Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Cheese, we decided to expand the line to include a Fontina Snacking Cheese,” says Sean Moran, vice president of sales. “At just 70 calories, its mild, buttery flavor truly brings a smile with every bite.”

In addition to the Fontina Snacking Cheese, BelGioioso created a 3-ounce Mini Mascarpone cup designed for freshness and convenience and a 5-ounce Mini Ricotta single-serve cup.

“The Mini Mascarpone and Mini Ricotta are petite-sized cups of our all-natural, award-winning cheeses, offering freshness, convenience and portion control for the consumer,” says Moran. “The cheese is packed with protein and calcium and offers a healthier alternative to traditional snacks.”

The new offerings are made using traditional Italian cheesemaking methods. The Mini Ricotta cups provide an individual serving of 16 grams of protein and 60% of the daily value in calcium, and are packaged for use as a single-serve breakfast option with fresh fruit and granola, or as a fresh, creamy dip for vegetables.

The 70-calorie Fontina Snacking Cheese contains three cubes, packaged into individual 0.75-ounce packages and in 6-ounce retail bags packed 10 per case. The 3-ounce Mini Mascarpone cups are packed 18 cups per case, while the 5-ounce Mini Ricotta cups come 12 per case.