Joyce Farms, Winston-Salem, N.C., introduced two new products within its grass-fed Naked Beef line—hamburgers and hot dogs. 

“There’s a common misconception that all hamburgers and hot dogs are unhealthy, but we’re hoping to change that mindset by offering healthier, more nutritious versions of these popular foods,” says Ron Joyce, president. “We accomplished that by using only high-quality, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef to produce them. The result is not only food that’s better for you, but [also] that offers superior flavor as well.”

The uncured, all-beef hot dogs are naturally smoked and gluten free.

“They are made from our grass-fed Naked Beef, which comes from heritage Aberdeen Angus cattle,” Joyce adds. “The beef can be traced back to our cattle on a single farm. Both products are USDA inspected. They’re made from our cattle that are born, raised and harvested right here in the USA. We’re proud that they – along with all of our other products – contain no antibiotics, animal byproducts, added hormones or growth stimulants. We also pay particular attention to the mix of plants and grasses our cows eat to avoid any ‘off-flavors’ often associated with grass fed products.”

Both products are available as wholesale to restaurants and distributors.