Qimarox expanded its Germany-based headquarters, nearly doubling the number of workplaces and incorporating more sustainable features such as energy efficient lighting.

“We continue to grow. Demand for our products is increasing across the globe,” says Jaco Hooijer, operations manager. “We would like to take on even more new people, but until recently, there were simply not enough workplaces. With this expansion, the number of workplaces at our headquarters has doubled.”

The showroom expanded from 97 to 138 square metres.

“In our showroom, all our products are on display, and we can demonstrate them live. More and more customers from all over the world are travelling to Harderwijk, [Germany], just because of this showroom. In addition, we provide training and information sessions here, which enable our customers to install and integrate our products themselves. Due to the expansion of our product portfolio, we were also forced to expand our showroom,” says Hooijer.

The showroom is located on the ground floor, next to the extensive company restaurant and changing rooms for production workers. Upstairs on the first floor is the office, which has been enlarged to 660 square metres of office space.

“The renovation was made possible due to the use of the hall next to our headquarters. This 935 m2 hall is laid out as a warehouse and houses all our components. We used some of space that became available in our existing property to expand the office and showroom,” adds Hooijer.

Qimarox also used the renovation to make its premises more sustainable, including LED lighting throughout the office, showroom, company restaurant and changing rooms, as well as sensors to ensure that lights are only on when people are present. The production area features the latest generation of high-bay induction lighting.

Qimarox also introduced the “lean” approach in both its production and office areas, which should lead to more efficient and faster processes, thereby reducing time, resources and materials.

“This will also contribute to both cost savings and sustainability in our organization,” says Hooijer.