GEA Group, Germany, introduced the TiroLabel labelling system, which features a motor-driven positioning unit with spring-loaded pins for top and bottom labelers. This ensures that fluctuations in air pressure have no effect on label placement.

Labels are applied to the product with care and process reliability, and reach speeds up to 25%.

The labelers are operated via a new, separate 10-inch touch panel with integrated printer controller. Another optional setting is “no product – no label,” which ensures that empty packs are not labelled, thus conserving resources while labelling. For operations without machine stops, a “no downtime” setting automatically switches over during label changes to prevent downtimes caused by label changes. The “twin labeler” carries out high-performance operations in the smallest space; two labelers that are coupled together for labelling at twice the speed.

GEA TiroLabel can be integrated in GEA thermoformers.

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