Ready Pac Foods, Irwindale, Calif., launched new Fresh Prep’d soup kits and wrap kits.

“Our Fresh Prep’d line is a totally innovative new take on lunch favorites. Consumers want meal options that are fresh, tasty, filling and convenient,” says Galit Feinreich, chief marketing officer. “With our new Fresh Prep’d soup kits and wrap kits, everything you need for a delicious, veggie-packed meal comes ready to prepare and customize exactly how you like it, and delivers flavors and textures at their peak in just minutes.”

Fresh Prep’d soup kits come with everything needed to prepare homemade-tasting soup at home, including the spoon. Each soup is a complete meal with 250 calories or less, 11-18 grams of protein and at least a half-cup of crisp, fresh vegetables. All ingredients are prepped and separated to maintain a fresh, crisp flavor. To prepare the soup, consumers combine ingredients in the microwave-safe bowl, add water and microwave for 3 minutes. The soup kits are available in Chicken Tortilla, Vegetarian Tuscan White Bean, Asian Inspired Beef, Italian Style Wedding and Chicken Noodle.

Fresh Prep’d wrap kits come with everything needed to make a fresh wrap, including high-quality lean meats and cheeses, sauces, fresh vegetables, and of course, a soft tortilla. Each wrap is 470 calories or less with 13-23 grams of protein and ½-¾ cup of vegetables. Plus, Fresh Prep’d wrap kits are assembled right before eating, allowing for a made-to-order taste. Each of the ingredients is prepped and separated for crispness and freshness. Simply combine ingredients in the container, place inside the tortilla and wrap for a lunch in under a minute. The kits come in Bacon & Garlic Caesar, Buffalo Style Ranch, Thai-Style Peanut, Southwest Style Ranch and Vegetarian Roasted Vegetable & Feta.

Fresh Prep’d soup kits and wrap kits are sold in the refrigerated deli or produce case of grocers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $4.99.