Over 70% of consumers are interested in receiving offers on the back of register receipts for products sold in grocery stores such as food, household and personal care products, according to research provided by IndoorMedia, a division of Register Tapes Unlimited, Houston, Texas.

Likewise, 95% save their register receipt and 87% are aware of the offers by local businesses that currently advertise on register receipts. A full 61% of shoppers said they would use back of receipt offers to plan their next trip to buy grocery items. Millennials were even more likely to indicate that they would use back of the receipt offers to plan their next trip to the grocery store.

“Back of grocery store receipt offers for local businesses have been successful for over 30 years,” says Jesse Aversano, senior vice president, general manager, sales and marketing, IndoorMedia. “Now we know that interest extends to national brands, sold both in and out of the grocery store. The fact that register receipts reach every shopper in the store, coupled with the interest in national brand offers means that receipt-based programs provide marketers with an unparalleled tool to effectively and efficiently reach consumers.”

The results are based on a national study of grocery store shoppers with access to back of receipt offers by InfoScout, San Francisco, and managed by Peiser Marketing, LLC, New Canaan, Conn. The research was conducted in August 2017 among 588 consumers.

“Even though many marketers are focused on the latest technology to deliver savings to consumers, this research shows that there are new opportunities to use traditional ways to reach shoppers. It is interesting to note that Millennials are among those most open to non-digital programs such as register receipts to get more for their money,” says Mark Peiser, principal, Peiser Marketing.