The Sentinel system from Sensaphone, Aston, Pa., uses cloud technology to provide supervised 24/7 remote monitoring of temperatures inside industrial food refrigerators and freezers, food manufacturing, processing and storage facilities, research and testing laboratories and foodservice and retail locations.

Its user-friendly cloud functionality lets users change settings, disable alarms and re-adjust temperature limits right from the Sensaphone iPhone/Android app. Each unit monitors up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions, including temperature from -109°F to 168°F, humidity, water detection, power failure and more. When the system detects a possible problem, it sends notification via phone call, text or email to the designated contacts.

The Sentinel system communicates a signal to the Sensaphone cloud to validate its online status. If the communication link is interrupted – for example by a power outage or an employee accidently switching off the unit – the system generates an alarm indicating that internet connection is lost or that a cellular communications problem exists.

The Sentinel system also can be used as a data acquisition device, enabling users to view, graph, print and export data.