Sterilex, Hunt Valley, Md., introduced the Sterilex EZBlend System.

Co-developed by Sterilex and FOAM-iT, Grand Rapids, Mich., this complete system allows operators to dispense, blend and apply 2-part Sterilex products at the labeled rate. Dilution rates are pre-set to ensure accurate and repeatable cleaning. The color-coded, user-friendly system keeps Sterilex Solution 1 and 2 products separate until foamed, and eliminates waste by diluting only as needed.

The EZBlend System includes a chemical transfer unit, which transfers Sterilex from drums to EZBlend Foam Unit without drum pumps. The chemical transfer unit transfers at up to 3.5 gallons a minute via a chemically-resistant TPE hose.

The EZBlend System also includes a foam unit, which is pre-set to dilute Sterilex products at the labeled rate range of 1:1:10 to 1:1:8, with no set up required and no need to pre-mix the solution. The foam unit includes two 5-gallon chemical jugs that make 45-50 gallons of solution, and a foam wand with fan tip for efficient surface coverage. 

The Sterilex EZBlend System is designed for disinfecting food contact surfaces, cleaning environmental areas and removing biofilm from drains.