Nona Lim, San Francisco, debuted a new line of Noodle Bowls that bring together fresh noodles and broths in one quick-serve package.

“Convenient, gourmet noodle bowls have been the No. 1 customer request for years,” says Nona Lim, founder. “We finally cracked the code for a line of noodle bowls that is as convenient as the instant ramen so many of us ate in college, but is made with gourmet ingredients with no additives or preservatives.”

Nona Lim’s instant noodle bowls come in three Non-GMO, gluten-free varieties—Thai Coconut Lime, Chicken Pho and a vegan Green Curry. Each 14.5-ounce bowl is cold-shipped for optimal freshness and boasts a 10-week refrigerated shelf life. Plus, the bowl and lid are compostable.

These noodle bowls are sold in the refrigerated aisle for a suggested retail price of $6.99.