The self-feeding Model R2200 from Hollymatic, Countryside, Ill., is ideal for food forming and portioning requirements in small to high-volume food processors. The compact, rugged machine forms a wide variety of products into a multitude of shapes and sizes.

The R2200 Portioning Machine forms patties and other shapes up to 4.7 inches in diameter with adjustable weights and thickness from 3/16-1.3 inches. It boasts a variable speed production output rate of 2,200 portions per hour, and is suited for a variety of product mixtures with numerous textures and consistencies. Simple operation uses synchronized paddles to gently form and portion the product while interleaving patty paper, if required.

Powered by a ¾ HP motor, the Hollymatic R2200 Portioning Machine features a hopper capacity of 33 pounds. Options include automatic wire cleaning, various sized hoppers and extended conveyors.           

Hollymatic Corp.