Joyce Farms, Winston-Salem, N.C., adopted regenerative agriculture as standard practice for its farms.

“We recognize the significant opportunity and role we play in helping restore the land that once was,” says Ron Joyce, president and CEO. “We’ve become practitioners of and advocates for regenerative agriculture, and are proud to say it is now the standard for our farms.”

Regenerative agriculture is a farming method that builds soil health, enhances ecosystem diversity and recaptures carbon emissions from the atmosphere. These regenerative practices lead to clean water and improved water systems, improved animal welfare, restored habitats and wildlife, reduced carbon in the atmosphere and abundant nutritious food.

Joyce Farms’ regenerative agriculture program is led by Allen Williams, chief ranching officer. Dr. Williams maintains vast knowledge in animal genetics, humane animal care, holistic land management and environmental stewardship, and is an expert on soil health and cutting-edge grazing methodology.

Joyce Farms also recently partnered with Kiss The Ground, a Venice, Calif.-based non-profit organization committed to public engagement and global soil restoration. Kiss The Ground seeks to educate a general audience on the practice and importance of regenerative agriculture.

“If we continue using industrial and even sustainable organic farming methods, we are threatening both the long-term availability of the land to farm as well as our overall health,” adds Joyce. “Regenerative agriculture practices can quite literally regenerate the land by rebuilding the soil, leaving it far better than our generations found it.”