Matthew Wadiak, founder and former COO of Blue Apron, New York, created Cooks Venture, a next generation food company rooted in regenerative agriculture and transparency.

Cooks Venture acquired an 800-acre farm in Arkansas, encompassing a hatchery, pedigree chickens and barns and what is said to be the country's only biodiverse vertically integrated poultry operation, as well as two large processing facilities in Oklahoma to offer pasture-raised, heirloom, slow-growth chickens in store and via direct-to-consumer beginning in July.

Cooks Venture's goal is to build a better food system with a superior supply chain, and sequester 1% more carbon in the soil on agricultural lands to reverse climate change.

"Cooks Venture is more than just a food company. There is no longer the option to continue the status quo of industrial agriculture and combat climate change. In order to feed the population and reverse climate change, we must move to regenerative systems. I've spent 10 years partnering with thought leaders and scientists to perfect farming methodology and working diligently to regenerate the sources of food consumption," says Wadiak. "We are building better communities through progressive agriculture processes, while allowing consumers to vote with their dollars to ultimately reverse global warming and create better tasting and healthier food. The research developed over the last decade has helped formalize a truly defining moment in the agriculture industry and we are at the forefront."

Cooks Venture will also operate a revolutionized online grocery store that is dubbed to be the first to offer high-quality food from regenerative agricultural sources while sequestering carbon.