Weis Markets, Sunbury, Pa., announced plans to invest $101 million in new stores, remodels, supply chain improvements and continued information technology upgrades.

“We plan to invest $101 million in our continued growth. This is a disciplined program that is designed to produce long-term benefits. It includes two new stores – a unit in Nottingham, Md., near Baltimore, which opened two weeks ago, and a store in Randolph, N.J., which will open later this summer. We also plan 20 remodels, a fuel center and four new pharmacies,” says Jonathan Weis, chairman and CEO. “Over the past year, we’ve expanded and upgraded our Weis 2 Go online ordering service with curbside pick-up. We recently introduced this service in 25 additional stores and currently offer it in 79 locations. In 2018, we will also test an online ordering delivery service. While we are a brick-and-mortar operator, we know there is a market for these services. We are in the business of constantly offering our customers more choices and options from which to choose.”