Oversea Casing Co., LLC, Seattle, Wash., acquired DeWied International Inc., San Antonio, Texas, and will be operating under the new name Oversea DeWied International LLC.

“We are very excited about our future, and can’t wait to leverage the synergies from combining the talent, experience, technology and passion of both companies,” says Michael Mayo, chief executive officer of Oversea Casing.

The new strategy is to build on the employee expertise, products and the expanded reach to better serve both existing and new business partners.

When merged, the new entity will maintain headquarters in Seattle, with subsidiaries in San Antonio; Mexico City, Mexico; British Columbia, Canada; and Jiangsu province, China, as well as a state-of-the-art production facility in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Combined total employees will top out over 125, not including contractors.

“This bigger and stronger base of operations will help facilitate several initiatives,” Mayo says. “We will be better able to quickly and effectively conduct business across the entire North American continent, as well as internationally, utilizing many economies of scale that will make us more efficient and ultimately more profitable.”

Total production and distribution will more than double upon completion of the deal.

“Oversea Casing and DeWied will serve our customers with the biggest and best sales and customer service team in North America,” says David Mayo, vice president of sales. “Increased production across all product lines, including hog casings, sheep casings and artificial casings will allow for exponential growth.”

“Oversea Casing was by far the best partner to join forces with,” adds Howard de Wied, president and CEO of DeWied International. “Our family business has always deeply cared about our customers, vendors and employees, and the team at Oversea Casing shares these core values. We are confident we are leaving our stakeholders in good hands.”