Sev-Rend, Collinsville, Ill., announced a strategic partnership with Intermas Nets USA Inc., Coral Gables, Fla., to increase netting options for North American produce packers. Through the partnership, Sev-Rend will distribute the patented Intermas D-Net 8000. 

“The D-Net 8000 is a unique extruded netting. The pattern and feel make it a great alternative netting for everything from stone fruit to citrus,” says Tony O’Driscoll, vice president, sales and marketing at Sev-Rend. “The current market is very dynamic. We see the growth of consumer packs because they allow retailers to cut costs while achieving higher price points. To sustain this trend, packers and retailers are looking for options. The addition of an innovative product line like the D-Net 8000 to the Sev-Rend product family enables us to offer our customers what they need to be successful.”

The Intermas D-Net 8000 is a flat tubular netting that falls in the extruded category, and comes in three standard colors—red, yellow and green—and three standard sizes—22, 25 and 27 centimeters.