DMI, Bethesda, Md., and Information Builders, New York, announced three pre-built Internet of Things (IoT) Accelerators that provide pre-configured analytical capabilities for asset tracking, fleet management and predictive maintenance.

DMI provides connected solutions that bridge the gap between business and technology, while Information Builders provides advanced analytics capabilities needed to process structured and unstructured IoT data.

Accelerator for Asset Tracking provides real-time asset location and tracking, featuring the ability to define a geo-fence and receive custom notifications and alerts for better asset utilization.

Accelerator for Fleet Management optimizes fleet routes and condition-based maintenance to improve fuel economy, minimize unplanned stops and reduce accidents across fleets.

Accelerator for Predictive Maintenance predicts maintenance in advance, detects anomalies and advises on the remaining useful life of an asset to reduce downtime, maintenance costs and improve efficiency.


Information Builders