Hinds-Bock, Seattle, Wash., introduced the 36RBI – Rotary Bottle Filling System, a compact all-in-one bottle filling solution that allows a single operator to fill, cap, label and pack-off various containers in a minimized footprint.

A variable speed stainless-steel table with adjustable guides continuously moves containers into an automatic star wheel indexing system, which provides constant centerlines and allows the air-operated diving bridge to fill small retail size to large containers from the bottom up. Filled bottles then sweep out onto the discharge side of the table, ready for manual capping. Plus, pack tables provide space for unpacking empty bottles as well as packing of filled, capped and labeled bottles.

Features include a cap torque device for manually checking cap tightness, optional manual label applicator, change stars for different size and shape bottles and cap torque chucks.

The system can be used with standard Hinds-Bock piston and servo filling machines as well as dry goods auger filling machines.


Hinds-Bock Corp.