From urine pH to feed intake to milk output, cows create a wealth of data points to be tracked, analyzed and learned from.

That’s why Phibro Animal Health Corp., Quincy, Ill., introduced the new Animate app, a free mobile app for Animate anionic mineral supplement customers that allows dairy producers to track critical pre-fresh metrics over time and identify trends by prompting them to enter data such as urine pH, bunk space, stocking density, dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) levels, temperature humidity index (THI), dry matter intake and more. The innovative app aggregates this data to project trends in herd productivity and gauges the performance of their pre-partum feeding and management program.

Animate anionic mineral supplement delivers the critical minerals needed to help cows optimize calcium metabolism through proper pre-partum acidification. When used correctly, doing so leads to healthier, more productive cows. The app was designed to supply dairy producers and their nutritionists with the critical information to help enhance these health benefits across the herd from the convenience of a smartphone.

The Animate app captures all the relevant data and provides historical graphs, helping dairy producers track trends over time.

"Phibro is proud to partner with America's dairy producers to support them in meeting their herd health and productivity goals," says Owen Bewley, director of North American dairy business. "The Animate mobile app is evidence of our continued investment to provide our customers with the technologies they need to support the health of their herd and to be profitable."