JoeFroyo, Upland, Calif., released new lactose-free Clean Label Creamer, which features just three ingredients—probiotics, milk and cream—but is packed with six live and active probiotic cultures and twice the amount of protein as most creamer products.

"We are excited to be expanding the JoeFroyo product family with our Clean Label Creamer," says Zach Miller, founder and president. "The idea for this creamer came from our Functional Cold Brew product, which delivers caffeine, probiotics and protein by combining high-quality cold brew coffee with lactose-free cultured milk. We wanted to bring this same powerhouse combination to your morning cup of coffee."

Clean Label Creamer is made with high-quality Real California Milk and cream, is lactose-free, doesn't feature any soy or gluten and is protected using cold pressure technology.

"We're big coffee lovers – obviously – and we wanted to create a creamer that would add functional benefits without overwhelming the delicate flavors and natural tasting notes of whatever brew you choose. We believe when you're drinking coffee, you should taste coffee. This is a creamer that lets your coffee shine," adds Miller.