Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI), Boyne City, Mich., completed its new, on-site R&D lab for simulated application testing of customer’s prospective holding, lifting, automation, conveying and magnetic separation projects.

The new 1,400-square-foot lab features various magnetic products and test stands designed to replicate the customer’s application in the field and assist in choosing the right magnetic product for the job.

Most recently, work was completed on an automated testing system for both pneumatic and gravity-fed bulk materials conveying using IMI’s drawer magnets and pneumatic line separators. This specialized test cell allows IMI to use customer supplied product samples to simulate bulk conveying applications for particle-sized materials, granular products, pellets, etc., and test them at specified flow rates and product velocities.

“Customers will have the benefit of knowing how their magnets will perform in the field prior to installation, which gives them real confidence in the capabilities of their system before the magnets are built, shipped and installed," says Paul Hardy, R&D lab coordinator.

A sampling of the lab’s other features include a crane system with an air chain hoist for testing load weights up to a half ton, a pull-test machine with capabilities up to 15,000 pounds, gauss testing and parts-per-million testing for ferrous contaminants in bulk material samples.

Upon completion of the testing process, a full report is provided with pictures, video, test results and recommendations. Most testing can be completed in 7-10 business days.