All Weather Insulated Panels (AWIP), Vacaville, Calif., introduced OneDek, a 2-step roof assembly system.

OneDek forms the factory insulation and steel deck components into a single composite called RD1 to meet or exceed the physical properties of a traditional insulated roof assembly over steel decking.

When overlaid with a field-installed single-ply membrane, RD1 becomes a simple 2-step roof assembly system.

The company’s roll-formed tongue-and-groove joinery enables long length panels (up to 6 inches thick, R value 50) to slide together and be mechanically attached to the roof’s secondary structural supports. Then, the white PVC or TPO membrane is either installed mechanically on to the 22ga RD1 deck surface or fully or self-adhered to the factory-primed surface.  

For example, on a 100,000-square-foot R-50 roof, up to 20,000 drill holes are needed to secure the insulation. OneDek requires less than a third of the fasteners.

The OneDek roof system has also been tested for fire, wind uplift, thermal integrity, deflection and diaphragm shear resistance, and can be installed in inclement weather.

All Weather Insulated Panels