Tyco Fire & Building Products, Princeton, N.J., developed Quell fire sprinkler system, what is said to be the first of its kind for cold storage, outdoor and unheated Tyco Quell fire sprinklerwarehouse facilities.

The Quell fire sprinkler system effectively addresses fires with a volume of water with a “surround-and-drown” configuration to rapidly reduce the heat release rate, thus minimizing damage to storage facilities and valuable goods.

Features include:

·         Does not require antifreeze, which can leak and damage storage commodities.

·         Ceiling-only coverage eliminates in-rack sprinklers and increases storage array flexibility.

·         Provides fire protection for Class I, II, III and group A plastic commodities.

·         Accurately predicts time to trip the pre-action valve and deliver water to remote area.

·         Allows systems over NFPAs 750-gallon volume restrictions to be installed with confidence.

·         Diaphragm-type automatic control valves.

·         Internal and external Rilsan coated for corrosion resistance and use in harsh environments.

·         Designed specifically for cold environments to seal gap or gasket cavity in coupling at grooved pipe and fitting connections.

·         Quick-opening device reduces operating time of pre-action valve in double interlock, electric/electric pre-action system.

·         Utilizes unique system air pressure monitoring device to continuously sample air pressure twice per second.

·         When air pressure is determined to have sustained, dropping at the rate of 6.9 mbar per second, QRS signals the releasing panel, energizing the solenoid valve on the DV-5.

·         Designed with four releasing circuits.

·         Added dry contacts for associated alarm and/or equipment shutdown.

·         Compatible with QRS electronic accelerator.

·         Recommended for systems eight inches and smaller.


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