Spread Co. Ltd., a Japanese-based member of Earthside Group, opened Techno Farm Keihanna, what is said to be the largest automated vertical farm in the world.

Techno Farm Keihanna features an automated cultivation system capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce every day, as well as water recycling and environmental control technologies and specialized LED lighting customized for vertical farming.

Techno Farm Keihanna also utilizes Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies developed by Spread to further optimize the cultivation environment through greater analysis. As a result, Spread will draw on research and development facilities situated inside Techno Farm Keihanna to develop new cultivation technologies.

Techno Farm Keihanna produces four kinds of leaf lettuce without the use of pesticides to be sold under Vegetus, Spreadʼs brand of vertically farmed vegetables, sold at supermarkets and retailers in Japan.

Techno Farm Keihanna will also act as the flagship model of Techno Farm TM, the next generation agricultural production system that expands to more than 100 locations through partnerships with Spread.