JUST, San Francisco, introduced plant-based, protein-rich JUST Egg to Chinese consumers via e-commerce, retail and foodservice channels.

The key ingredient for JUST Egg, which cooks and tastes like conventional eggs, is mung bean -- a dietary supplement. Plus, JUST Egg ingredients require 70% less surface and groundwater and deliver a 40% lower carbon footprint than chicken egg production.

"It’s hard to express in words how palpable the energy and enthusiasm for what we’re doing is in China, and we’re proud to work with companies that are household names in Shanghai, Beijing, and across the country to bring JUST Egg to consumers this year. This is about food security, the 1,000-year-old tradition of eating mung bean re-imagined and the pure joy of trying something that is delicious, healthy and new," says Josh Tetrick, chief executive officer.

"The health and safety attributes of JUST Egg are well-aligned with modern Chinese consumption trends. This product has the potential to bring a food revolution to China very soon," says Cyrus Pan, China general manager.