North Country Smokehouse, Claremont, N.H., expanded its product line to include Organic Applewood Smoked Uncured Canadian Bacon.

Carefully selected and cut from the leanest section of the pork loin, this product is hand-trimmed by North Country's butchers. The lean ham-like medallion is then marinated in a brine made from pure maple syrup and premium spices, then double smoked for a hearty, bold flavor.

This Certified Organic Canadian bacon is free of nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics and growth hormones.

"We're excited to bring one of the only Certified Organic Canadian bacons to the market. Through our traditional low and slow smoke method, this product retains a full-bodied flavor unrivaled by other Canadian bacons," says Aaron Corbett, chief operating officer. "We're also proud to be a leader in the industry with our commitment to animal welfare standards by continuing to provide USDA organic and certified humane options for consumers across our product lines."

The new Canadian bacon is available at Whole Foods Market in New England for $6.99.