EDEKA Nord, Germany, expanded its state-of-the-art logistics center in Zarrentin, Germany. 

WITRON, Arlington Heights, Ill., installed and integrated two additional WITRON case order machines. All work was completed during full operation, thanks to WITRON’s modular expandability and EDEKA’s pre-engineered facility growth plan.

When the expansion is completed in Q3, the two case order machines will be complemented by four stacker cranes, 45,000 storage locations in the automated tray warehouse and a fully automated streth wrapper. Upon completion, EDEKA Nord will have a total of 16 case order machines in operation, providing fully automated case picking onto pallets and roll containers. 

The facility incorporates three WITRON picking modules, including order picking machinery, dynamic picking system and display pallet picking systems to maximize efficiency and streamline logistics. A fully automated shipping buffer optimizes the dispatch process. Additionally, an automated empties buffer will control the flow and return of empty pallets and roll containers to the system.