TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc., Beverly Hills, Calif., entered into an exclusive global co-marketing and supply agreement with Arkema Inc., France, to develop the market for TOMI’s fogging technology using the TOMI SteraMist Technology for food safety applications. Arkema will manufacture and supply the food-grade hydrogen peroxide for use in the EPA-registered solution.

“TOMI is excited to partner with Arkema to deliver an organic-certified food processing product that can be used globally to address food safety. In addition, the partnership will allow TOMI to continue to bring its technology to new global markets. The expertise of Arkema to produce a food-grade hydrogen peroxide solution will enable TOMI to address the food markets’ ever growing need for a quick efficient broad disinfection [that] does not injure seeds, sprouts or the mature plants,” says Dr. Halden Shane, chief executive officer of TOMI. “Arkema’s hydrogen peroxide clients that are looking for a new, quicker, less caustic food sanitation method will benefit from the technology TOMI possesses, ultimately completing a faster, less caustic and more efficient sanitation and disinfection method for food, food packaging and food processing equipment.”

“Arkema is excited to partner with TOMI to bring an emerging technology to the global food safety industry,” adds Linda Myrick, general manager, oxygenes and derivatives, Arkema. “We are proud to be involved in the development of TOMI SteraMist Technology, which improves the speed and effectiveness of sanitization and disinfection solutions. TOMI is an ideal partner, and we look forward to a long prosperous relationship.”