Krone, Germany, announced plans to significantly increase production capacity at its Herzlake, Germany, site, doubling production output to over 25,000 units in the next 1.5 years.

"We have already laid the foundation for this production offensive with the introduction of automatic component production in Herzlake,” says Bernhard Brüggen, managing director. “Our swap body systems and dry liners stand for high-product quality combined with numerous innovative load securing solutions, and are therefore in high demand on the market, as evidenced, for example, by our market share of around 70% for swap bodies. In addition, there is a significant increase in demand, which is also generated by the booming online trade."

The Herzlake site manufactures steel swap bodies, curtain swap bodies, box semi-trailers and Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) vehicles for courier and express journeys. The range of swap boxes includes beaded or smooth side walls as well as plywood and carbofont-versions or cases open on one side.

The Herzlake plant also builds dry freight box dry liners, which can be used for the transport of high-quality and moisture-sensitive goods.