Air Technical Industries (ATI), Mentor, Ohio, developed a new tow truck and cart transport system to streamline product flow through facilities.

The Tug Master system is composed of a self-contained industrial tug tractor combined with a variety of unique, mobile trailers that form a train to simultaneously move multiple containers of material or parts to each individual workstation.

Trailers are available in lift-and-carry, high lift and tilt versions. Wheeled baskets, pallets, boxes or even equipment can be loaded or rolled on the trailers with ease.

Once the trailers are loaded, the containers are raised for travel between 3-8 inches for the lift-and-carry variation. After the Tug Master pulls the trailers to a destination, the trailers then lower wheeled containers, so they can be rolled right off the trailer.

The high-lift version raises the load 36 inches to a comfortable working height while the tilt version provides a 90-degree container tilt, enabling workers to pick up parts without bending or reaching into the containers.

The trailers can be equipped with lifting forks, zero-low platform for ground-level loading, coil rams, cradles or flat platforms. Depending on the weight of the load, one person can transport 3-5 trailers at the same time.

The low-profile, remote-controlled Tug Master can be steerable or travel along a submerged track on the floor. All of the Tugs are equipped with an automatic braking system, and the stand-up rider type has a foot control brake.

Cart capacities are available in 2,800 pounds and 4,200 pounds.

Air Technical Industries, Inc.