The new point-of-use Mini-Avenger vertical carousel and cart system from Sapient Automation, Hatfield, Pa., provides ergonomic high-density secure storage for refrigerated and frozen food processing facilities. This new system saves up to 66% of wasted floor space while increasing operator productivity by up to two-thirds by eliminating wasted walking and searching time.
The Mini-Avenger is portable and designed to move through facilities, halls and doorways. It comes with roller ball bearing caster wheels and maintains storage space shelving that vertically rotate on an oval track. Every shelf can be configured to meet specific inventory and application requirements. A myriad of totes, trays, containers and boxes can be utilized to optimize virtually any application. An optional uninterrupted power supply allows for mobile software usage.

The Mini-Avenger is available with integrated software and pick-to-light systems to assure 99.9%+ levels of accuracy, picking speed and increased productivity.
Sapient Automation