AAK, Sweden, acquired British foodservice company BD Foods, a producer of tailor-made meal accompaniments.

"This acquisition is a very good fit with our global foodservice expansion, and will provide a complementary range of products at the premium end of the foodservice market," says Johan Westman, president and CEO of AAK. "BD Foods has a broad product and packaging offering, a customer-centric approach and a strong reputation in UK foodservice."

BD Foods houses approximately 100 employees, and boasts a portfolio of over 3,000 products sold to a wide range of customers, including restaurants, hotels, airlines, wholesalers and food manufacturers.

"By acquiring BD Foods, we will extend our foodservice range with, for example, dip pots, pouches and hot filled products," says René Schou, president of AAK Foodservice. "We will furthermore increase our capabilities and broaden our product portfolio, which will give us greater access to some key operators in the foodservice market."