Omnichain Solutions, Los Angeles, launched an end-to-end supply chain management platform built using blockchain technology.

The demand-driven, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution enables global consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and e-tailers to drive growth and promote trust, transparency and accountability across the value chain.  

Leveraging blockchain technology, this platform allows companies to connect their global supply chains with an immutable record of all goods movement and inventory from source to shelf and back. The holistic solution uses patented, intelligent planning algorithms and business rules to accurately forecast at the SKU and planogram levels. 

Features include: 
•    Demand planning and forecasting to boost sales and customer satisfaction with real-time insight into online and store-level demand.
•    Distributed order management to increase upstream and downstream efficiency with continuous, proactive replenishment based on supply and demand.
•    Inventory control and retail space planning to ensure the right SKUs and amount of product are available to support all sales channels.
•    Complete product chain-of-custody for end-to-end visibility of product lifecycle management from manufacturing, customer/channel sales and returns.
•    Reverse logistics management to ensure proper handling and disposition of all returns, including repair, refurbishment, scrap and re-sale into secondary markets.
•    End-to-end analytics to make data-driven business decisions using real-time KPIs and analytics on every point in the supply chain.
•   SaaS deployment for easy integration and accelerated time-to-market.

Omnichain Solutions