Zoni Foods, Greenfield, Mass., launched a line of vegan, gluten-free frozen veggie sliders, available in Miso Edamame and Curried Sweet Potato varieties.

The new line will be sold through Field Goods’ network, Athens, N.Y., which delivers produce from small farms to employees and consumers at workplaces and community sites year-round.

“By delivering directly to our customers at their workplace or to community locations, we eliminate the challenge of fighting for shelf space and the high costs of mail order delivery packaging,” says Donna Williams, founder of Field Goods.

Zoni Foods also worked with Field Goods to develop packaging options that reduce costs and waste.

“Field Goods has been instrumental in helping us get our slider business off the ground. We are grateful for partners like them fighting the good food fight,” says Zoe Lloyd Geller, founder of Zoni Foods.