La Quercia, Norwalk, Iowa, partnered with Iberian Pastures, Bluffton, Ga., to introduce a new line of Iberico Americano Cured Meats.

Iberian Pastures raises pure-bred Iberico pigs stateside, which La Quercia turns into dry cured meats in its Iowa facility. This project brings New World sourcing and curing techniques with Old World traditions, and represents what is said to be the first Iberico pigs to be raised in the United States.
La Quercia then transforms the pure-bred pork into high-quality cured meats to create Jamon (Spanish-style ham cured with sea salt), Chorizo (a dry cured sausage similar to salami that’s spiced with pimenton de la vera, garlic and oregano) and Pancetta, Lomo (loin) and Lardo (available direct from White Oak Pastures, Bluffton, Ga.).
“Iberico pork is some of the best quality meat there is, period. It has a soft, but very rich meaty flavor, and when worked with skillfully, develops a deep complex sweetness. We’re convinced that better meat makes better cured meat, and this American Iberico is exactly what we look for—great breeding and raised outdoors,” says Herb Eckhouse, co-founder of La Quercia. “We’re excited about our first results, and hope to challenge the best in the world with this collaboration.”

The Iberico Americano line is available in limited release and sold primarily to wholesale customers to be placed on select menus and specialty cheese counters.